Teacher Resources - Coding

Galaxy Academy has prepared a variety of FREE learning resources for use at home and in the classroom.
Please feel free to download and use for educational purposes.
Space Coders
Space Coders is a “learn to code” block coding platform for 4-8 year olds designed by the makers of Galaxy Academy.

We have developed a complete set of teacher materials, including lessons plans and printables, for use in the classroom.


Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

module 1

Video 5
Video 6
Lesson Plans

module 2

Video 7
Lesson Plans

module 3

Video 8
Lesson Plans

module 4

Video 9
Video 10
Lesson Plans

module 5

Video 11
Video 12
Lesson Plans

module 6

Video 13
Video 14
Lesson Plans

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Video 15
Video 16
Lesson Plans

module 8

Video 17
Video 18
Lesson Plans

module 9

Video 19
Video 20
Lesson Plans

module 10

Video 21
Video 22
Lesson Plans

Wrap up

Video 23
Creator Studio Tutorial Video 1
Space Coders Creator Studio
Create your own maps and levels with the Space Coders Creator Studio to give your students even more practice. You can even incorporate questions from other subjects into your custom games.
Creator Studio Tutorial Video 2
Creator Studio Tutorial Video 3
Creator Studio Tutorial Video 4
Creator Studio Tutorial Video 5